Emma’s Art Cart was started in 2014 by Lisa Durst under her 501c3 organization Peace of Heart.

In August of 2017 her Parents took over the Program and re branded Emma’s Art Cart to Emma’s Art Kits.

Lisa was giving classes to three students after school to help them deal with complications with their health. One of those students Emma Stumpf was dealing with a rare form of brain cancer. The inoperable tumor (Herman) as she calls it had put Emma through the maximum amount of Chemotherapy and radiation treatments for her life time. Emma expressed to Lisa that her dream was to provide an art cart to the patients at Riley Children’s Hospital filled with art kits which could be delivered to children recovering in their hospital beds.

This prompted Lisa to begin researching a process and products to provide safe and useful art kits that the hospital would approve. She has developed age appropriate kits and several different types of kits to meet the needs of the variety of children being treated at Riley Children’s Hospital. Emma and Lisa delivered the first 350 kits to Riley in late 2014. Emma’s Art Cart was an instant success and the demand of the kits has soared at the hospital. In 2015 over 1700 kits were dispersed to the patients at Riley Hospital. The final number of art kits donated to Hospitals, Juvenile Detention Centers and Schools is over 3000 kits.

We wish Craig and Lori Stumpf the best of luck in there en devours. We will always cherish our time with Emma and the fact we took Emma’s dream to a national level.

All donations to Emma’s Art Cart need to be directed to Emma’s Art Kits.